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Mothers Day is coming

Dont forget to remind your kids, get a token card or gift for the wife and then something for yer Mum!

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Seasons Greetings ...

to everyone.

A belated Merry Christmas and wishing you all Happy New Year!!!

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time lapse art ...

pretty amazing. first hand drawn, then finished with computer. 10 minutes in length

Post-Apocalyptic Cover Illustration | Timelapse from DEISIGN on Vimeo.

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Need a break ...

 and want to waste a few hours on the Internet then check out this list of web sites and go get lost!

The 15 Most Addictive Websites Ever

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online music/radio and wood filler products ...

Right you say, what a whack combination for subject ... ah well, it is whats actively bouncing around in my head atm.


Listening to Pandora mostly, sometimes Slacker and updated Nexus radio recently.  Seem to like Pandora the most.  The interface and the music it selects for me based on the station I created.  What other applications are out there that you use or have heard of?


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a ...

 dumb site for boobs, yet I see no boobs no mo!      WAIT! HARK!  Who is that I see ... damn mirror!  



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