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Where Is Everybody?

Noone, I repeat, noone is here anymore!

What did happen to you guys? And where is this Biotoxin69 guy.

I remember the time when this site used to be purple like every 3 month or so.

I feel a conspiracy! Is there a new internet or what?

Answer me!

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Christmas is only some more days away

Christmas is right around the corner. What did you ask Santa for? I already asked him for a new 6 beer job and what can I say.. I got it.

So here it is, this years christmas Lego diorama.

So what are your plans for this years xmas decorations?

I finally found this here on amazon UK

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Another Shemp



Err.... not this time Bruce, not this time...

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Caine died possibly when an auto-erotic dragon sex game went wrong.

That reminds me of the day when Pete found Ron naked in a closet in an upscale Bangkok hotel with cords around his neck and his genitals.


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